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by DAIVA t&ch

Dining Table Orion 100 cm, Wenge

€145,00 €225,00
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  • True Scandinavian Design Dining Table With Natural Wood Legs 
  • Mid-Century Wooden Table For Dining Room Crafted From Real Solid Wood - Baltic Birch
  • Simple Design Wood Kitchen Table Will Great Addition For Any Home
  • Compact Size Of Kitchen & Dining Room Table Orion 100 cm Makes It Compatible For Small Spaces
  • Dining Room Table Orion 100 cm Dimension: 100 cm wide 100 cm deep 75 cm high


Product Description

Contemporary Design Orion Table by DAIVA casa gives your home perfect look.   

  • ORION 100 cm table is the most universal table we ever made! Circle dining table round shape and compact size makes it ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, Restaurants or Cafe.
  • Table top of DAIVA casa's tables made of engineered wood.
  • Base of the table made from Baltic Birch, safe, strong and durable solid wood.
  • Wooden table ORION 100 cm compatible with any chairs from collections of DAIVA Casa and comfortable to seat 4 person!

Advantages of solid birch furniture
The birch furniture is the standard of value for money.

  1. Safety. Birch is one of the purest types of wood. It does not exude odors and has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the room. Also, the natural material helps to purify the air from harmful substances and is hypoallergenic.
  2. Attractive color and noble appearance. The texture of birch wood provides an aesthetic and pleasant appearance to the furniture. With light shade, close to golden, such furniture looks aristocratic and adds coziness to the room.
  3. Strong and hard. In terms of its stability and reliability, birch furniture is not inferior to beech and oak. Products from this type of wood will reliably serve the owner for many years.

Since the products from DAIVA casa are made of 100% wood, there may be a slight difference in the shade of individual elements of the products, which is due to the natural characteristics of the tree. Each tree has its characteristics - density (hardness), hygroscopicity (absorbency), natural tone (depends on the growing medium and nutrient base), and texture (depends on the individual growth of tree fibers and annual rings). The combination of all these parameters forms the appearance of each element of the product.

Eco-friendly and nice

Only the warmth and aesthetics
of natural wood!

Real Scandinavian functionality

Only effective practical solutions for your home


Crafted with care