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by daiva-shop

Dining Table 'Orion Classic' 100 cm, Black/Bulat

€182,00 €271,00
A modern kitchen table from DAIVA casa will emphasize the exquisite taste of its owner.
A stylish combination of the deep texture of the countertop and a rigid matte black frame.

The frame and tabletop are made of solid birch. The table top is lined with decorative paper-laminated plastic HPL - a modern, environmentally friendly, and incredibly durable material.

In addition to the aesthetic component, plastic is wear-resistant, immune to mechanical damage and the effects of chemicals, and does not need a protective coating.

The practicality and functionality of the table allow you to use it not only in the home interior but also in public institutions.
Since the products from DAIVA casa are made of 100% wood, there may be a slight difference in the shade of individual elements of the products, which is due to the natural characteristics of the tree. Each tree has its characteristics - density (hardness), hygroscopicity (absorbency), natural tone (depends on the growing medium and nutrient base), and texture (depends on the individual growth of tree fibers and annual rings). The combination of all these parameters forms the appearance of each element of the product.

Eco-friendly and nice

Only the warmth and aesthetics
of natural wood!

Real Scandinavian functionality

Only effective practical solutions for your home


Crafted with care